The proof that mold is present in our homes and office buildings is overwhelming. As well, proof is stacking up fast that the AIR YOU BREATHE is the main culprit in allowing those mold spores to get into our blood system and wreak havoc in our brain, our nervous system and our autoimmune system.

But YOU CAN TO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! the very FIRST thing you need to do, is STOP BREATHING IN THE SPORES. That is where My Triad Aer comes on to the stage.

The good news – our 3,000 sq ft whole-house units can KILL MOLD/SPORES.

On this page, we have gathered a number of informative and critically educational videos for you to watch regarding the dangers of mold, the symptoms and other critical health-related topics. Mold is DANGEROUS! Don’t mess around – get it out of your air space NOW!


So something that is very important to your health, but not mentioned by mainstream scientists, is the fact that HEPA Filters cannot do a darn thing about removing mold from surfaces like walls, damp spots, furniture, ceilings and other hidden areas. 

To truly sanitize a home or office/clinic, one MUST be able to affect and clean ALL indoor surfaces, whether soft or hard, smooth or rough. That includes drapes, carpets, furniture, hard to reach corners and under or inside cabinets – ANYWHERE that moisture can reside or gather.
The My Triad Aer technology can handle that all, with ease – and we have the tests and scientific proof for you.


Below are several videos from mold mitigation and medical professionals that speak to the absolute necessity towards TESTING your environment and cleaning it up, if possible. Mold Mitigation can be extremely expensive. And landlords or property managers will often not see the same need that YOU do, in keeping yourself and your loved ones protected from the ravages of toxic mold on the human body.

Check out the videos below – we only provide the links to them to help you start your own research and are not responsible for any opinions or medical claims made by the authors of the videos. The videos will however give you a solid start towards understanding the dangers that toxic mold threaten our health with: